Three Types of Muslims wrt Jihad

There is a picture with text circulating on social media that implies that the vast majority of Muslims are the same as the few terrorists. Without honouring it by reproducing it here, I attempt to re-define the three classes mentioned in it:

Jihadists/Islamists/Terrorists : Those who take the theology of Jihad as a license to kill innocents and to wage illegal war employing dubious rationalizations and naked appeals to emotions. They are not happy with any state structure, and when they do occupy land, they cannot build institutions. They fight among themselves after the charismatic leader passes away, and always end up defeated.

Regular Muslims : Who believe in Jihad as a struggle that is an essential part of self-cleansing, setting wrongs right and defense of a state. They trust religious authorities to sanction, and states to wage, war when needed.

Liberal Muslims : They do not understand history, politics, competing national interests, national defense, the Crusades or the World Wars. They do not understand the necessity of Jihad to the survival of Muslim nations. They also do not realize, or choose to ignore, the way other nations wage wars or insurgencies against Muslims. They always criticize Muslims.